What it means to support Handmade...

As you know, here at the Boutique we are so proud to support handmade; it is the beating heart of what we do… Seven years ago when I set out to open the Boutique I was bored of everyone saying that you had to travel to London to find a wedding dress that was ‘different’ or special - that bespoke Bridalwear could only be found in the Big Smoke!!! We have SO MUCH talent here in Wales and here is exactly why (in my opinion) you should be putting handmade at the top of your priority list for your wedding...


When it comes to spending money, there is something so heart-warming about knowing it goes to a small business over a corporate giant. When you buy handmade, you support the livelihood of an individual, you help champion a dream! You allow a brand to grow that might not otherwise get a voice… When we shop local we support the economy around us, we show a demand for independent brands and give hope to the next generation of creatives and business owners. Here at the Boutique we are a proud team of female run business owners all cheering each other on, when you buy from us you support a whole community and invest into something so much BIGGER than a dress!


We question the origin of our products so much now, and rightly so, whether it is food, skincare, clothing, so why not Bridalwear? Why when it comes down to, what for many is the most expensive outfit they’ll ever own, do we not consider where it comes from? With so many dresses being made overseas, wouldn’t you prefer to know it came from the hardworking creatives right here in your city, beavering away over every detail, needles at the ready to stitch each embellishment into place just the way you want it?! Apart from the fact it results in an infinitely more personal service, it is also massively more sustainable.


When everything is made by hand you have the opportunity to influence each element of the creation of your outfit. If you want to tweak the straps, or have your sash a different colour, change the embellished flowers to match your vibe, include a special message in your embroidered veil, the options are all there for you. You can build a relationship with a designer, get to collaborate and witness the bespoke process first hand. You are also going to discover something truly individual, there is no mass production, every single element of our designs is meticulously cared for and created just for you. No two dresses will ever be the same because each one will be take on the life of the Bride who commissioned it.


According to UK statistics the average Bride spends £1500 on a dress for their big day, often on a design that has been utilised for years with no input available apart from the necessary alterations. Here at the Boutique you can expect to spend from £650 which includes all appointments, bespoke measurements, and an outfit handmade by the very designer who originally dreamt it up. It’ll be hand delivered to the Boutique ready for you to collect and you’ll have your meeting with the seamstress for final tweaks to any hems and trains. PLUS with so many options including separates you’ll be able to style your wedding outfit again and again - grab those crops and throw them on with jeans for breakfast the next day, or restyle for your honeymoon or anniversary and make those blissful wedding day dreams live on!

Have a brilliant weekend team and heres to the future of championing Handmade!


Rachel Burgess