Why handmade dresses mean so much to me....

There's a question I get asked on a regular basis which is  - what made you decide to support handmade dresses?

Well here's my answer for everyone to read....

I am very proud of my little boutique, I set out to achieve a unique bridal experience that supports handmade in Wales because I’m passionate about supporting Welsh designers and giving brides the opportunity to choose a dress that reflects their personality and allows them to set their own rules.

I truly believe that a lot of brides want to march by their own drum and I am blown away by the creativity of couples getting married. I’ve heard of weddings taking place in forests, beaches, castles, farms, tents, caves, tepees, barns, even a swimming pool! The décor is becoming equally unique with fantastic themed weddings, flowers made from paper, personalised gifts for guests, wonderful floral sculptures, and colour schemes seem to be a thing of the past with a wider range of colours than you could shake a stick at! 

Not everyone wants the same and I think that’s fabulous! 

This uniqueness is also reflected in what brides are looking for when it comes to their dresses. 
When I started the Boutique, my main driver was to support Welsh designers and give brides the opportunity to wear dresses designed and made right here in Wales. I am in awe of the designers I work with- each time I meet with them I am blown away by their creativity and skills! 

By supporting the Welsh design industry this will allow other designers to realise that they don’t have to move out of Wales to have a career. The Fashion and Textiles sector in Wales employs 10,000 people within 3,000 firms. The Creative Sector in Wales generates nearly £1bn a year, according to official figures, £102 million of which is within the textiles industry. 

Each of our dresses are special – they even have names. A bride might choose the same dress from our Boutique to another bride, but everyone looks like they are wearing that dress for the first time – firstly because everyone is different and secondly, they can customise the dress and their look with belts, sashes, veils, flowers, petticoats, shoes to name but a few options!

I get such joy in seeing the end results, our Boutique Brides- they know what they want and what they want look like on their wedding day. They wear their dress proudly, knowing that they are wearing a truly unique gown that has been lovingly designed and handmade by some of the most talented designers in Wales. 

And that is my answer, every time.


Below are just four handmade dresses we're proud to champion from a selection of our Welsh Designers here in the Boutique. 

Rachel Burgess