What to expect during an appointment ...

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re having a lovely day!

If you’re thinking about booking an appointment at the Boutique but are unsure what to expect, I thought I’d take a moment to explain what we are all about.

Hollywood movies have done a very good job of creating unrealistic exceptions of what to expect in a Bridal Boutique; endless amounts of flowing champagne, rose petals falling from the ceiling, grand music, plinths for you to stand on- not to mention the tears from EVERYONE when you find ‘The Dress’. Reality check please - it’s not like that here…

An appointment at Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique is, above everything else, relaxed. I want you to remember that you are getting married because someone loves you just the way you are and that is to be celebrated! I opt for a good cuppa over a glass of fizz, I opt for laughter more than tears and I promise there isn’t plinth anywhere in sight! Embrace how good you look at the height you are, rather than giving the illusion that we’re all 7ft tall! I want to help you feel amazing from the moment you arrive for your appointment until 1, 10, 50 years from now when you’re looking at photos of how fabulous you looked!

I opt for comfort more than restriction; I want you to eat the amazing food you’re paying for, I want you to go and pee without needing 4 of your best girls to help AND I want you to be able to dance your socks off! Practicality always wins – I mean, who wouldn’t want pockets in their dream dress to stash some bride essentials?!

Oh, I should mention cake! Yes, I love cake, and always make sure we all have some alongside our brews! I close the Boutique curtains so it’s nice and private. I lock the door so no one else can come in and we can have a giggle uninterrupted. You can bring as many people as you wish, though I have seating comfortably for four - it gets a tad cosy after that!

There’s plenty of time for you choose a selection of dresses and separates that catch your eye. I also like to pick out a couple too, maybe some wildcards! Though, I’m not easily offended so feel free to say ‘Rach, get that away from me, I would never wear that!’. Be honest, I don’t want you to feel pressured in anyway. I want you to represent who you are, and that should be fun!

If you hate having your back on show or can’t be doing with too many sparkly bits or miles of floaty fabrics, there are so many other options! Let your ‘loves’ lead your decision. There are no rules in weddings, so don't feel obliged to stick to any!

It’s simple really - no pressure, no exceptions, no scary bridal traditions you feel you have to follow - I welcome you to be YOURSELVES!

Big love, Cariad mawr,


Rachel Burgess