Wales Week in London 2018!

Yes, that's right, that is me standing on a plinth in Trafalgar Square holding wedding dresses..... Why!!!?....

Well, the team at Golley Slater wanted to do something to celebrate some exciting creativity coming out of Wales to celebrate Wales Week in London 2018!

Too often, Welsh culture is associated with choirs and rugby, so they wanted to get people to reappraise the stereotypes and shine a light on the country’s exciting, contemporary creative scene.

In a nutshell, their ambition was to get Londoners paying attention to what our small but brilliant country has to offer, by stopping them in their tracks during their morning commute.

Their idea was to set up a ‘fifth plinth’ on Trafalgar Square, in the heart of London’s art scene, to monument Welsh creativity. Literally.

It was an incredible morning, the sun was shining and so many people were stopping to ask what was going on! I was SO honoured to have been part in the line-up and I'm still bursting with pride! I took two dresses with me, Helen Rhiannon's 'Gracie' dress and 'Isla' by E&W Couture.

Big love, Cariad Mawr,


Rachel Burgess