Understanding Undies...

We need to talk about underwear.

You’ll likely have seen hundreds of adverts for bridal underwear; little pearls embroidered onto the straps, ‘sexy’ lacy bits everywhere, a cheeky little blue bow to represent your 'something blue'…Bridal magazines love to show how fancy and frilly it should be. Spoiler alert – this DOES NOT WORK!

That sort of underwear is better left for later on, to change into, even though I've never really understood the phrase 'let me slip into something more comfortable' when realistically that something is far more uncomfortable! I'd much rather my oversized pyjamas any day. Anyway, I digress; what I mean is that it does not work under the Bridal dresses & separates we have here in the Boutique!

So, what does? In my experience, you can’t go wrong with classic nude no-VPL knickers and a good simple nude bra, be it with straps or strapless. Underwear in your skin tone will disappear seamlessly, whereas ‘whites and brights’ can be seen through our beautiful handmade fabrics. Similarly, the more embellishments and colours on the underwear, the more interruptions in your Bridal outfit! There are so many options out for simple and comfy out here; think classic M&S, Bravissimo, Wonderbra.

Our dresses offer natural support, without in-built cups or a huge amount of corsetry, which reduces the need for heavily structured bras and pants. We want you to be super comfortable so you can be your best relaxed self on your special day. Also, how great would it be to have wedding undies that you would actually wear again!?

Finally, please don’t wriggle yourself into those huge ‘suck in pants’ things designed to shrink your shape down a size or two. The flesh they squeeze in has to go somewhere, it will generally go ‘up’ and you’ll be SO uncomfortable. They distort your body shape painfully and will leave you feeling restricted with your boobs travelling far further north than they should, which can give a Les Mis type ‘heaving bosom’ effect that isn’t ideal for a wedding! Not to mention, the last thing you want is to be squished up with tight Lycra that leaves no room for you to enjoy that delicious wedding meal you’ve been planning.

So, to sum it up, here are my top 3 tips for Bridal undies:

1: Keep it nude - match your skin tone for a sleep finish.

2: Keep it simple - clean smooth lines to compliment your outfit, without huge amounts of padding.

3: Keep it COMFY - not tight, not elaborate and not digging in!

In good undies we trust!
Cariad mawr,


Rachel Burgess