How to describe the Boutique ...

Hello Everyone!

Happy March to you all! I hope you’re having a lovely day and enjoying seeing the Daffodils come into bloom! Spring is definitely on her way!

I wanted to share a couple of thoughts with you…I’ve recently been asked to describe the Boutique for a couple of Q&A interviews - and to be honest, I really struggle! I know this little Boutique inside out, I’m so passionate about what we do and I know exactly who our Boutique Brides are, but there is just no way I could ever condense my answer to just one short concise sentence! As a Boutique we’re so individual and I hope this paints a fair picture of how best to describe what we have going on here:

  • The Boutique invites you to do weddings your way with no rules to hold you back,

  • We’re for the creatives, for the untraditional, for the tea drinkers, for the fizz lovers, in laughter and in deep conversation.

  • We love supporting small businesses and independent designers, with handmade Welsh quality.

  • We welcome you to be YOURSELVES!

Thats us, in a nutshell - small- but one heck of a big voice!

Big love, Cariad mawr,


Rachel Burgess