Happy Birthday to the Boutique!

Happy Birthday to us!

I can't believe that we are celebrating our fifth Birthday already! Blimey! How time really does fly!

Honestly, THANK YOU to every single Bride and her family & friends who step through our door - thank you for supporting our incredible design talent that we have here in Wales! Our country maybe small - but goodness me we are so creative!

And finally, thank you to the wonderful women who not only do I get to call the best team ever, but great friends too here's to you all - Helen Rhiannon Designer Label, Claire Hill Designs, Ffrog, E&W Couture, Amy Mair Couture & Kate Barlow. I LOVE championing you all on a daily basis and heres to the future! I have a feeling it's going to be EPIC! Bring it on!

Big love, Cariad mawr,


Happy Birthday Boutique!.JPG
Rachel Burgess