Spring into Separates!

It feels like Spring is finally coming in and with the clocks going back this weekend, we’ll get a whole extra hour of sunshine! Thinking about the freshness of Spring and the promise of Summer ahead made me want to share the stunning separates we have here in the Boutique with you all.

The idea of wearing a wedding dress isn't for everyone; if you rock jeans and trousers 24/7, the idea of going full bridal gown might be very off putting. Even though our selection of dresses doesn’t scream 'Traditional Bridal,' I'm thrilled we can offer Boutique Brides an even more relaxed vibe by mixing and matching tops, skirts & culottes together, to find a look that really captures their style and personality.

Bridal separates give SO many options for styling! Whether you want to create the ultimate art-deco look with sleek sashes, beautiful belts & headpieces, or go for Boho Queen with bold flower crowns and epic flowing veils, you can put together a Bridal outfit that will blow everyone away. Equally, they can be left to ooze the laid-back cool and 'less is more' vibes. Feel most at home in DMs and a leather jacket? Those look lush with a top and culottes combo!

Another bonus that I love about separates (aside from being super chic, very comfy and incredibly fashion forward) is that a bride can totally rock them again after the wedding. They could mix the top with a pair of jeans, their favourite-feel-fab shoes and look EPIC again the day after the wedding! There’s no reason not to get as much wear out of your amazing couture as possible. Pack them for your honeymoon -perfect for romantic dinners. Mix & match, dress them up or down – why leave them in the darkness of your wardrobe!? Take them out in the sunshine to glow with you!

Handmade in Wales? Tick. Sustainable wedding outfits? Tick! Fresh and stylish? TICK! LOVE IT!

Below you can have a peek at all the separates that we have here in the Boutique to get your creative Bride minds ticking! And though it’s technically not a separate, I've also added in our Jamie jumpsuit for you to see, because, let’s face it, it is bloody awesome! I dare you to give separates a try!

Big love, Cariad mawr,


Rachel Burgess