Beki & Gez!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're well and having a lovely day! (it's a bit cooler here in Penarth today - I really love the sunshine but oof! - these last few weeks have been H.O.T!)

I hope you're ready, because we've got a whole load of EPIC in one wedding to share with you today! 

Beki and Gez tied the knot on an atmospheric Winters morning last November at the King Arthur Hotel in Swansea and Beki totally rocked our Florence dress by Amy Mair Couture!

I remember the first time I ever spoke to Beki on the phone (she's such a joy of a woman!) Beki explained to me that she was after an untraditional bridal dress, and thanks to the RocknRoll Bride facebook page some lovely ladies had pointed her in the direction of the Boutique (thank you so much you amazing ladies!)

The more we chatted about untraditional dress styles the more excited I got to meet Beki in person and introduce her to our Florence dress -  this dress has a truly breathtaking bridal look. When the day came for Beki's appointment she tried on Florence the rest was history!........ We all knew it was the perfect dress for her! The full pleated skirt creates that fairytale silhouette with a modern floral twist and the dress is fastened with small covered buttons down the back, adding extra detail (not only did Amy Mair Couture make this in Purple for Beki but she also added in pockets in it too - YAS!)

Beki's Hair and Make-Up was by Karen Sparke-Williams and India Williams of India's Hair & Beauty in Port Talbot, and those beautiful bouquets were created by Flowers by Arrangement (I love how the tones in the bouquet hinted at those in Beki's Dress!) Beki & Gez's friend Rhian Howell made their beautiful wedding cake and these STUNNING photos were captured on camera by John Wellings.

Amy and I loved our appointments with Beki, there would always be a happy dance and we never stopped giggling - it was a complete honour and a privilege be part of Beki's wedding journey and we're both so proud to call her a Boutique Bride - she's totally made Bridal her own!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful words Beki, they moved me to tears when I first read them:

" I knew before I got engaged that I didn’t want my wedding dress to be white. As a very pale brunette, I figured a bit of colour would sit better with me. About a year after I got engaged, I started hunting online for ‘alternative dresses’, ‘dresses with pattern’, ‘quirky wedding dresses’, to not much avail. I eventually found a picture of a red-carpet look worn by a celebrity whose dress resembled a ball gown with multi-coloured flowers and sequins. I fell in love and started to try and find something similar. With the help of the Rock and Roll Bride Facebook group, I discovered Rachel. Like a beacon of hope, she came into my life. 

From our initial phone call, I could tell three things. 1) She was possibly the nicest person I’d ever spoken to, 2) though she didn’t know much about my wedding plans, she already seemed as excited as me about them and 3) she had a dress that she was desperate for me to see.

Our first meeting at her beautiful boutique in Penarth went perfectly. The boutique was so quaint and warm, decorated floor to ceiling with pictures of past brides. She opened the curtain of the dressing room to reveal the dress she’d been so excited to tell me about – a dress she had to take down from the window display just to show me. Both myself and my mum were speechless.

Not only had she hit the nail on the head with what I was looking for, it was better than I could’ve expected. Her name was ‘Florence’ and she had been created by the insanely talented Amy Mair of Amy Mair Couture. I couldn’t believe my luck. The first time I tried her on, I knew she was the one, but decided to try on a few other dresses just to be certain. Though the others were beautiful, I found myself drawn back to Florence time and time again. By the end of our appointment, my mum and I decided that she was mine.

Meeting Amy was wonderful. She couldn’t have done enough to cater to my ideas. I added pockets to her design and decided that I wanted to change the colour of the material. Initially the dress had predominantly pink flowers, which didn’t quite go with the red pigments in my skin. So, we changed the fabric to shades of purple over cream.

The first time I saw my custom-made dress, I was blown away. Rachel was equally as stunned and over the months, a small celebration dance took place each time I visited.

I can’t say anything but good things about the wonderful Rachel Burgess. I don’t think I’ll ever meet such a warm, friendly and thoroughly enthusiastic business woman again in my life. She was always excited, always on the ball when it came to how I was feeling, always ready to offer sound advice and never stopped telling me how amazing I looked. Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique is second-to-none. I felt at ease the minute I walked in the door and often didn’t want to leave. She has a way of making you feel completely at home. I feel like I’ve known her forever! I will always be so thankful to Rachel for her kindness and enthusiasm. I am devastated I won’t be seeing as much of her, but I know that I can pop in for a cuppa anytime. Alternative brides - I urge you to seek out this boutique. You won’t regret it!"

I'm sure you, like me, will say WOW so many times when you see these photos - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Beki - thank you so much for contacting the Boutique - it was a DREAM to help you find & create your perfect bespoke dress and thank you so much for supporting our incredible Welsh Designers!

Big love, Cariad mawr,


Rachel Burgess