Amy Mair Couture


Amy Mair strives to design innovative collections. Her signature style is subtle glamour; a sharp execution in fit and structure with a balance of flowing movement in fabrics, with a bohemian or alternative charm. Using luxurious fabrics her creations are elegant and timeless.
The designs also have an ethereal feel, a sense of purity and beauty. Amy Mair uses carefully selected fabrics that have been sourced from various suppliers such as a family run company in Madrid.
“I have always wanted to create beautiful gowns that women feel beautiful wearing and use luxurious fabrics to create silhouettes but I started out as a keen artist in school. I knew that I would have to fulfil my dream and lead a path as a creative. Once I was taught to sew and manipulate form in pattern construction I developed a whole new love and passion for design that was different, more challenging and rewarding for me than painting on canvas.”